Go fuck yourself society!

Fuck Society
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"I've come to a glaring conclusion in this existence we call life: Society, as we know it, sucks.

We live in a world where creativity and free thought are stifled in favour of becoming just a large part of the glorified workforce, as it's called. We criticize and look down on things which we do not understand, or have not experienced ourselves. Sex sells. Money makes the world go around. Just great.

We live in a society where our education system teaches us not the ability to adapt and problem solve, but the ability to last-minute cram and remember many silly little pointless facts which we'll be able to look up if ever needed. Remembering the exact value of some pointless value when it can be just as easily and more accurately looked up doesn't interest me. What interests me more is the prospect of free thought. I'd much rather have a person who could put that value to a great use and create something new rather than someone who simply knows it, wouldn't you?

We make fun of what is different because we don't understand it. We ridicule those who support that difference. Is being different really that bad? It seems as though society's goal is to create a race of entirely the same drones which will do their bidding. Do they not realize that with such a society is doomed to its own failure. Who would control what those people do? We're running headlong into a future of despair along our current track, and it needs to stop. Next time you see someone with bright pink hair, don't make fun of them or ignore them because you think they're weird because chances are they have thought things out more than you have.

I'm led down a train of thought that arrives at the conclusion that I would like to re-create society as a more happy open place. A place almost entirely opposite as it is now. Eliminate those who social engineer themselves to the top instead of putting work and thought into what happens, and replace them with better people. Then I realize that this is wrong. This borderline approaches the nazi idealism experienced during the holocausts, something I really despise and nothing I'd like to see myself involved with in the future.

What also bothers me are people who believe that their perception of reality is withstanding for everyone around them. We all have different ideals and goals and we strive to achieve them differently than one another, is that wrong? Am I to be ridiculed and put off as being egotistical or "too geeky" if I score only an 80% on a test and am unhappy with myself for that? Perhaps I felt I was capable of much more, or deserved it for that matter. Your idea of what's good and bad doesn't apply to me, keep it that way.

I'm glad I live in a society where having a clue and being intelligent is frowned upon, and all we care about is sex. Really, I am."

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